I sprained my ankle pretty bad from playing soccer the first two weeks of March! Eventually, I was able to limp with a brace under my pant leg. Today, I finally can walk without one! Feels pretty good too! I took this opportunity to make a music video featuring the Mercedes Benz B-250 in a unique way. The song is completely original (made from scratch) with the lyrics catering to the features of the B-Class. I tried my best to incorporate real-life examples to the specs of the car. I hope the message is clear enough! I just wanted to have fun with it. 

I took work off today and went to a Mercedes Dealership location thinking that the General Manager there would accept my request to film there. To my surprise, he didn’t even turn to see me (even though I can see him clearly through the window 15 steps away). He told the receptionist to have me call or email him because he was “busy”. That was quite disappointing and discouraging! Maybe he was just having a bad day…. I googled another location and to my relief they accepted me with open arms! Later on, I found out it was actually the head office location! I was greeted by the coordinators and that gave me further encouragement to continue with this little project of mine! 

I had such a blast doing this! It’s only 2 minutes, but took me many hours to brainstorm, make the music, record the song, capture the video, and edit! But it was all worth it! If you are reading this, I hope you enjoy it!